Lube Systems


“Airless” Spray

No Priming Issues

Arranged for Recycling

Non-Contact Lubrication



EGDF Floor Mount Oscillating Conveyor

Low Profile
3/8″ Belt Height

Drum Motor
Sealed, Compact

Electric Oscillating (shaker)
Elliptical Gear Drive

Center Drive

Press Doors


Promote Safety

Contain & Collect Die Lube

Simple Installation & Removal

Pax Products is a manufacturer of ancillary pressroom equipment including stock/die lubrication systems, part/scrap conveyors, and press door safety barriers. Pax Products equipment is used by metal stampers throughout the world and by our own stamping facility, that’s how we got our slogan — “Designed for Stampers by Stampers.”

Since 1980, Pax Lube Systems have been helping stampers increase production speeds, reduce lubrication usage, extend die life and improve part quality. Whether it’s heavy draw lube, or light viscosity lube, Pax can supply a lubrication system for most applications.

Pax Conveyors were each developed to provide the user with a specific advantage:

The Pax Low Profile Conveyor was developed for on-bolster, under-die part and scrap removal. Its low, 3/8″ tray to belt height allow it to fit where other conveyors can’t and its ability to withstand lubrication allows it to survive in the harsh metal stamping environment.

The Pax EGD Oscillating Conveyor (shaker type) was developed to perform part and scrap removal at conveying speeds up to 25 fpm. The high torque, low maintenance, electrically driven, elliptical geared design drives the trays, which are attached to the cross bar via quick connect brackets.

Pax Drum Motor Conveyors utilize a sealed, motorized pulley that is ideal for dirty environments. These extremely rugged conveyors can be customized as required to automate the part and scrap removal process.

Pax Press Doors are designed to provide the safety of a hard barrier while providing quick and simple installation and a method of containing and controlling die lubricants. The user friendliness of these doors is unsurpassed.