• EGD-125 Rolling Floor Stand
  • EGDF Low Profile

Oscillating Conveyors (Shaker)

The patented Pax EGD conveyor is an electrically driven, oscillating type conveyor that utilizes an elliptical gear drive (EGD). Utilizing elliptical gears in a sealed oil bath provides an extremely reliable drive and a high conveying speed at low RPMs.

How It Works:

A: Electric Motor Divers the Elliptical Gears

B: Elliptical Gears are in a sealed oil bath which minimizes potential wear.

C: Output from Gearbox drives tray(s)


Conveys faster than a typical linkage drives
No free clearance, which creates wear and maintenance
No springs, dynamic seals, or cam followers to wear.
Operates at low RPM, Which increases bearing life.

Quick, Snap-On Tray Design
Multiple trays attach to each unit
Arm (crossbar) Lengths from 1” to 16’ in length
Typically Mounted directly to the press or machining center.

Single Tray Design
Above or below Floor Mount
Single Unit Systems from 3’ to 40’ in length
Multiple Unit Systems to over 200’ in Length

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