• Vertically Sliding door mounted to press gibs

Press Doors

Pax Press Doors are designed to provide the safety of a hard barrier while providing quick and simple installation and a method of containing and controlling die lubricants. Styles of doors offered include:

  • Manual and Powered Vertically Sliding Doors
  • Swing-out Style doors
  • Acoustical and Non-Acoustical Doors

Manual and Powered Vertically Sliding Doors

The standard Pax Die Door is non-acoustical and manually operated and requires very little effort to open and close. Pax Die Doors provide an interlocked point-of-operation safety barrier and are designed to assist with containing and controlling die lubricants.

Swing-out Style Doors

The Pax Die Door can be designed with an air cylinder to assist in the operation of the door. By adding a single air cylinder, the Pax door may be controlled via a switch. By utilizing the counterbalance weights in conjunction with the air cylinder, minimal air pressure is required for operating the door. This option may be required for larger press applications and applications that are too high for the operator to completely open and close the door manually.

Acoustical Die Door Option

Pax offers an Acoustical Die Door option for those companies concerned with noise associated with stamping presses.

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