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EGDF, Single Tray Conveyors

The Pax EGDF conveyor is an electrically driven, oscillating type conveyor that is designed to be a cost-effective alternative to typically hinged belts and/or magnetic conveyors. This conveyor is typically mounted either to or below the floor and it has a single tray that will conveyor material away from the conveyor drive. Additionally,

  • The entire assembly will be mounted to a common base for ease of installation.
  • The conveyor’s elliptical drive mechanism is attached to the end of this base for easy access.
  • The elliptical drive moves the conveyor tray in an oscillating motion, which conveyors the material away from the drive mechanism.
  • The tray rests on and is guided by UHMW wear pads, which are attached to the base and are located between the base and the tray, (pads are located below and on both sides of the tray).
  • As an option, a proximity sensor can be provided to detect if and when the tray is in motion.
  • The conveyor is controlled with a VFD drive.


Removes Scrap from below Presses, Lasers, and other Machinery
Low Profile Design
No Belt Wear
No Hinges to Jam


Tray Widths: 12” to 48” wide
Max. Tray Lengths:
Single Drive Systems:  40’ for 18” wide tray
Multi-Drive System:  Up to 200’

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